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High Pressure - Piston Compressor

High Pressure Piston Compressors
Winair is proud to present three types of high pressure piston compressors for the PET industryand other industries in need of high pressure compressor.

Standard Specification
  • Heavy duty cast iron crank case
  • Cast iron cylinder and cylinder head
  • Cast iron well balanced crank shaft
  • Light aluminium alloy piston on first stage
  • Steel casting connecting rod
  • Special design high pressure valve system
  • Long life bearing
  • Cooling fan type balanced flywheel
  •  Air cooled aftercooler
  •  Cooling fan with separate motor
  •  Air intake filter and silencer
  • Splash lubrication
  • Oil level gauge
  •  Factory filled compressor oil
  •  IP 55 F Class electric motor
  •  Manual drain valve
  •  Non return valve
  •  Belt guard
  • High pressure relief valve
  • Discharge pressure manometer
  • Interstage pressure manometer
  • Automatic drain
  • High pressure switch
  • Star-delta starter
  • High pressure air tank.

Technical Data and Dimensions

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