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Oil Free - Piston Compressor

Feature :
Piston: Casing with compact ingredient. Precise machining followed by grinding Surface coating with self-lubricated material.
Piston rings: High precision machining along with self-lubricated material which resists wear and high temperature. Stainless, elastic structure enhances sealing effect and durability 
Connecting rod: Made of die-casting aluminum alloy is highly rust-resistant with great strength.CNC precise machining process ensures stable compressor operation.
Valves: Corrosion free leaf valve made of stainless steel coated with high temperature-resistant material effectively reduces noise and improves service life. 100% duty cycle is assured.
Crankshaft: Crankshaft fitted with ventilation system on both sides enormously reduces operating temperature to increase bearing service life.
Bearings: High precision grease- lubricated bearings. High temperature-resistant grease ensure long service life and constant operation.

Technical Data and Dimensions

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