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About Us

  • Formed in 1998 with the name of Winair Compressor as a service provider in the field of compressed air to the industries with no product and table space office in Bhayander with one computer operator.
  • In 1999 became dealer of exal corporation for Compressed Air purification equipment to sell and service their equipment's
  • In 2000 became franchise of bevcon wayors for material landing equipment to sell their product in western region
  • In 2001 we started selling air compressor with our own brand AES
  • In 2004, formed Winair Compressor Ltd with office of 500 sqft, having manpower of 15 people
  • In 2007 started manufacturing compressed air purification equipment's at our factory at vasai
  • In 2008 started assembly of our own compressor, with the brand name called WINAIR  having manpower of 50 people. 
  • In 2011 we added dealership of Ingersoll Rand.
  • In 2014 we became one of the major project oriented company for Government sector.
Design, Supply, Erect and Commission of complete economical compressed Air Systems. We also manufacture Compressors, After Coolers, Moisture Separators, Filters, Dryers, Cooling Towers and Chillers.
We have an expertise in making customised compressed air systems for starting engines. The systems includes electrical driven as well as Diesel driven compressors with Dryers, Filters and Control Panel

A committed leader in the field of pneumatic power to provide hassle free air to the world

Developing all the government industries in India as our customer by 2018 and creating 2000 customers every year to enjoy hassle free Compressed Air leading to the business of 15 cr.
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