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Services & Parts

To maintain and to guarantee the customer an efficient network of customer service, always in tune with the design developments of the products, Winair Compressor organises refresher courses for its authorised service centers. These courses are essential aspects for the the professional growth of all participants, providing opportunities to collect feedback on the degree of reliability and quality of the products for Winair within a context of improvement.
In addition, at these meetings, Winair ensures the continuation of a high professional and knowledge-based level of the products by the technical assistance centers, in order to guarantee a qualified and constant service over time.
Our knowledge of Air Equipment products is second to none. With the activities of the Servicing Department you get your machine back serviced safe in the knowledge of a professional service.


Only we, who have conceived, designed and built your machine, are able to give you the best when it comes to replacing a part, even for the smallest parts.
The use of original spare parts that are guaranteed and tested ensures the continuation of quality performance over time in terms of safety and power consumption of the systems.
Technological development and capital investment by customers mean that zero downtime of machines is essential for the achievement of financial results. To meet these needs, the Winair spare parts office provides an immediate response in relation to the activities of offer, sale and shipping.

Compressor - Pumps
crank shaft
Piston - Ring
Piston Compressor - Connector Unloader Valve

Pressure gauge group


Screw Compressor - Belt


spacer plate


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